Stress Less September Sessions
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Stress Less September Sessions | 5 Workshops starting on 26th September 2022 | £45 (save £21)

A full programme of 5 live workshops (& recordings) all designed to help you manage stress, build resilience and improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Undress Stress & Anxiety | 26th September 2022 | 7pm | £12

A 1-hour workshop where you will learn to undress what stress and anxiety actually are.  What they do to the body, the causes and the signs and symptoms.  You will also start to learn how you can make some small yet powerful changes to help you take control and feel more able to manage your stress and anxiety levels in a sustainable way. 

Stress Less, Build Resilience | 27th September 2022 | 7pm | £12

A 1-hour workshop where you will learn about the Mindcise model for resilience (the core foundation of my most successful programme Stress Less-Smile More).   The model explores the 5 core powers that effectively hold up your mental health and are instrumental in maintaining healthy resilience levels:  Power of Environment | Power of Communication | Power of Physiology | Power of Thought | Power of Healthy Habits.

tress Less, Sleep More | 28th September 2022 | 7pm | £12

One of the most common complaints and symptoms of someone struggling with stress or anxiety is the inability to get a consistent good night’s sleep. This 1-hour workshop not only explains some of the science around sleep, and dispels some common myths about sleep but also provides some invaluable strategies and tools to improve your sleep.  

Change your State | 29th September 2022 | 7pm | £12

This 1 hour workshop is all about managing your emotional state ‘in the moment’ can be challenging at the best of times, however, if you are tired, stressed or anxious it can seem like an impossible task.  Learn how to take control of your emotional state WITHOUT having to suppress your feelings. You will even learn some techniques that can improve your mood in just 2 minutes!!! 

Stress Less Toolkit Session | 30th September 2022 | 7pm | £18

 This 1.5 hour session will purely focus on proven tools, techniques and strategies to help you build your own personal toolkit for managing stress, building resilience and improving mental health and well-being.