Stress Less September Sessions - 2022

Learn how to overcome the most common challenges my stressed clients come to me with all the time.

You will learn how to Stress Less.

In this series of 5 live workshops we will explore:

  1. Undress Stress & Anxiety:  Learn more about what stress and anxiety are, the causes  and how they can affect you
  2. Stress Less – Build Resilience:  Learn about the Mindcise model for resilience which talks about the 5 core powers that you can work on (a bit like exercise) to build your resilience and improve your mental well-being
  3. Stress Less, Sleep More: A practical guide on how to get a better night’s sleep if stress/anxiety is keeping you awake
  4. Change your state:  Learn how to change your mood/state – eg: from stressed to calm – in less than 2 minutes
  5. Stress Less Toolkit session: Learn some of the most successful strategies & techniques that are known to help manage stress and anxiety

If you struggle with sleep, headaches, stress-related stomach problems, low energy, irritability, irrational thoughts, stress-related eating or are just fed up with constantly feeling overwhelmed then these workshops will help.

Everyone experiences stress differently and most would agree it doesn’t feel great – but with some slight adjustments to your day, this can be transformed into feeling much more positive