Performance habits programme (1plus12)

Research shows us that it takes us 12 weeks on average to create automatic habit or behaviour

We know that traditional learning retention erodes quickly and how we learn is key to the optimum retention of knowledge. For this reason, many businesses struggle with ‘one-hit’ training that leaves much of the skills and knowledge in the ‘classroom’ rather than being carried into the workplace.
We also know that clients don’t have infinite budgets and need impactful solutions that work.  There’s a growing demand for solutions that cement team performance which has been fragmented by restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or remote working. We’re passionate about creating performance habits and lasting behavioural change that teams feel confident to implement in the workplace. Performance habits that help them, their teams, the business and their clients through positive leadership behaviours. We do this by increasing knowledge retention, delivered through engaging participative methods of learning that create unconscious performance habits. These are reinforced by consistent application over 12 weeks.
It is for this reason that we created the 1plus12 performance habits programme.
It’s not training, think of it more like a group coaching programme.
Tailored around your specific businesses needs, focusing your leadership, management or departmental teams development. We help you agree the areas of focus that are required. We then inspire and stimulate reflective discussions that challenge and drive accountability.
It’s a game-changing transformational journey that unlocks potential.