Mental wellbeing - programmes

Stress Less, Smile More (SLSM)

Aimed at individuals and/or groups
who want to manage their stress levels more effectively.  Utilising a methodology based around exercising your mind (not to be confused with brain training) SLSM is designed to help you understand and learn how to quite literally stress less and smile more.  

Through a combination of education, reflection, exercises and activities,  you learn how to build strength and resilience of the mind in the same kind of way you would work to build strength and fitness of your physical fitness.

Not only does this programme help you manage stress much more effectively,  it can also transform the way you look at every area of your life.  Improve relationships, build confidence, increase productivity and effectiveness, development communication skills with all those around you (especially good with children and young people whilst also ‘freeing’ you to have more fun.  In a nutshell – you will learn what you need to do consistently in order to develop healthier mental health.

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Stress Less & Manage More (SLMM)

Aimed at managers and leaders
who need to gain a greater understanding of how to manage those who are struggling with their mental health whilst also developing a more resilient culture within their teams and the business.

The core focus will be around firstly understanding the most common mental health challenges seen in the workplace (Stress, Anxiety & Depression), learn what responsibility employees and employers have (legally) and how your absence/attendance policy impacts this.  

You will then explore and develop skills and tools that can be used both proactively and reactively as required, to minimise the risk of absence due to mental ill-health where possible:

You will also get the opportunity to develop a Stress Less team/company wellness strategy that can be built based on your specific needs.

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Stress Less & Achieve More (SLAM)

Aimed at individuals who feel ‘stuck’.  Those who know they want to achieve more in either one or more area of their life but they recognise that their mindset is perhaps holding them back.  This programme is delivered through a series of tailored 1:1  session’s and explores a number of areas that are no longer serving them – such as:

  • limiting beliefs
  • habits
  • behaviors
  • thought patterns
  • strategies

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  • Delivery method:  Remote or Live
  • 6 x 1 – 1.5hr interactive sessions spread over 6 weeks
  • Each week will cover a different ‘Power’
    1. Introduction to Stress
    2. Power of Environment
    3. Power of Communication
    4. Power of Physiology
    5. Power of Thoughts
    6. Power of Habits


  • Delivery method:  Remote or Live
  • 6 x 1 – 1.5hr interactive sessions spread over 6 weeks
  • Each week will cover a different topic
    1. All about Stress
    2. All about Anxiety & Depression
    3. Power of Environment
    4. Power of Culture
    5. Confident conversations (including effective return to work meetings)
    6. Stress Less Wellness Strategy


  • Delivery method:  Remote or Live
  • 6 x 1 – 1.5hr interactive sessions spread over 6 weeks (some clients may want to carry on with coaching beyond this programme to keep them motivated and be held accountable as they progress on their journey to success).
  • Each week will cover a different topic
    1. Define success/ Success wheel
    2. Explore limiting beliefs/barriers
    3. Managing emotions and behavior
    4. Strategy development
    5. Reflection as a tool
    6. What next – The power of motivation