Our team

Nicky Lloyd Greame

FOUNDER | Head Trainer | Therapeutic Coach | Speaker | Mindset Specialist

My passion for training & coaching has always been led by my desire to help, support and inspire people.

My coaching and training focuses mainly on the mind and mindset incorporating the knowledge I have been lucky enough to gain through my business experience (from PLC’s to SME’s & Sole Traders).  As a student of human psychology for years (it fascinates me) this knowledge is woven into everything I do. I love to create and deliver bespoke training & coaching programme’s that positively impact individuals: by helping them develop a stronger and more resilient mindset, and businesses: through the personal and professional development of their leaders and teams.

I passionately believe that the secret to every successful business lies with its people and have loved seeing the transformations that this causes – both to individual and business successes.

With 20+ years experience in both training & coaching my aim is always to leave my clients with the tools and techniques they need to continue to grow and develop long after I have left the building.   


My specialisms: Coaching | Training |  Mindset | NLP | Hypnotherapy | Mental Health/Autism | Salsa (yes – the dance not the sauce!)

Anita Newton

Consultant | Trainer | Performance Specialist


I’m passionate about people, ensuring they perform and stay engaged in the workplace. I’ve had the pleasure of working as a manager and leader in retail, advertising, marketing and the service industry for over 20 years. Throughout this time, I’ve created and developed working environments for employers and clients alike to attract the best talent that performs.


Through this team performance, I’ve delivered reliable results in creative, strategic, leadership and commercial capacities. I’m self-motivated, with a strong work ethic and a passionate believer in excellent customer and team engagement to deliver positive financial results.


I understand the intrinsic link between the right engaged people, performance and business results. It is this link that has supported me, my employers and now my clients in developing great people strategies. These strategies help managers with the skills, tools and behaviours they need to build their teams.


I’m an accredited Spotlight practitioner and I work in a consultative or contractual capacity and would love to help you and your business thrive with the right talent that performs and develops to achieve great things.